Monday, May 23, 2011



So, it seems like i'm averaging post a month. Wow, I am a horrible blog keeper. No surprise there haha. 

Anyways, SCHOOLS OUT! I'm back in Hong Kong chilling with the fam and learning how to drive for another week or so till we go to Penang for a short trip then Shanghai/Singapore to work for the rest of summer! I still haven't decided where to work... :/ Out of the 23802843249 million emails I sent out I got 4 replies. At least I got 4 right?? No fashion jobs though :( Just editorial/graphic design jobs.

One of my friends will be in Par,is working (so jealous of her) and HOPEFULLY I will be able to visit her :)))

For now, pictures of my fibers projects from last semester! 

and...something I found on tumblr which is the story of my boring life right now :-)

poice <3