Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hay kiddies, its's been awhile! Sorry. 

Sadly, summer is quickly slipping through my fingers. Only 2 more weeks till i'm back in Chicago and starting my second year at SAIC! Seriously. Time flew by way to fast. 

Anyways, since the last post I have been a busy busy bee. 
1. Went to Penang, Malaysia with my family. Ate some pretty amazing food and took lots of awesome photos while melting in the heat and trying to look acceptable in them.

2 Started and finished my first internship at Industria Collective in Shanghai! I actually worked on their project called Peony Rice which makes eco-fwendly and super cute accessories. Im not gonna lie, hand stitching, beading and working with delicate fabric was really hard but the outcome of the pieces was worth all the backache and pricked fingers. Thanks Pauline for the opportunity! :):) Check out the stuff at www.peonyrice.com :)

3. Went to Singapore and visited family! Sadly, I didn't take any interesting pictures or go on any artistic adventures but it was still fun.

Picture taime. I'll start with Penang :)

Posing Peranakan style in a traditional Peranakan house :)

the front door of the house

pretty peonies 

mirror on an oldstyle camera :)

A beautiful old Peranakan house called the Blue Mansion 


drinks in bags. whuut.

Thats all for now! Next post will be my Shanghai adventures!