Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eating my way to Malaysia


So, you know how I was super excited to go buy Harry Potter and smell old books at the second hand bookstore after work yesterday? They were all closed... :( All the stores (with Indian owners) had closed early for fasting because of Hari Raya. Aiya, I guess I'll wait.

On the other hand! I started reading the Hobbit hehe during my trip to Malaysia last Saturday. It was just a day trip on a eating+shopping tour with my Auntie's colleagues. I ate so. much. The whole day was literally traveling on the bus, stopping at farms/factories and tasting/buying heaps of food. 

Lunch was only durian and fruit. That shit cray. 

This is my grandma on the bus :) 
Mushroom farm.
Durian buffet lunch!

View of Singapore from our seafood restaurant at the coast 

Have a happy day and enjoy some tunes! xx

Monday, July 30, 2012


Doing a second post today because sadly, I am bored at work. I've finished the projects my boss had me working on and now I am just killing time till my last day (Wednesday) hehe. Technically I am supposed to be working on the red packets designs but, I need a breather.

So, here are some more of my film photos from my Cambodia/Vietnam trip! The previous post was Cambodia so these are from Vietnam. Firstly, can I just say that Vietnamese people are so so so nice. Everyone we spoke to was so friendly and helpful, it really made the trip that (<------>) much better. And of course all the food was absolutely scrumptious, despite all the walking we did I definitely gained weight. I loss count of how many "Oh, this is just a pre-meal snack" Banh Mis we had. Sew goode.

From Cambodia we proceeded to Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hanoi and then Ha Long Bay. I lovedddd Hanoi, I can definitely see myself moving and living there some point in my life. Getting a huge studio in the old city and just wandering, ahhhh. The old city reminded me so much of Shanghai's French Concession although, it made me a wee bit sad because I wasn't going back to Shanghai this summer.

I will stop blabbering on about this amazing country and trip now. So as per usual, enjoy the pictures :)

  Oh hayhayhay and check out my 500px page! I have not put many photos on it yet but heeeeyyyy check it out please ----> www.500px.com/addiechong

Also, I need this shirt. Its so kewl, no?


And its 6pm! End of yet another work day and I am off to the second hand book store with the angry Indian owners to find Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I will report back if I find any deliciously old beautiful books. 


Tea Time

Seems like all I post about these days is food...hehe. Oh well, at least it's yummy! (and why refrain from eating all the delicious phood in Singapore when I won't be able to get it back in Chicago soon, right?)

I'm just going to ignore allllll the comments I've been getting from my relatives, including "Oh! She looks meatier!" Yeah.

Anyways, I went to the "Local High Tea" and Goodwood Park Hotel the other day. It was pretty good, although I expected it more of a tea and scones on a cake tier kind of soiree. I choose this place because I've always thought the outside exterior is really beautiful, and also because my parents got married here! :)

Now down to the food! The choices were plentiful, from local Singapore delights to cakes and even bread pudding. Personally, for high tea I thought it was a bit much but, looking around most people came for a late lunch instead of high tea. My favorite part was the kuehs (local cakes and desserts), which I miss so so much when I'm back in the States. 

Overall, good selection which was not too bad but not fantastic either. Give it a try and let me know what you thought!

Find more info about Goodwood Park's Afternoon Tea.... Here!

Alsoalso. I got my first paycheck today. Yay!! Now....what to buy hmmmmm ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eggs and Chocolate

Double Food Post! (aka I'm really hungry at work and lunch needs to happen SOON) 

This was a bad day turned good, with food of course. Anyways, if you are in Singapore/have been to Singapore you will know how A.D.D the weather can be. One minute thunderstorms and sunny the next. On one fine Saturday my friends and I decided to finally hop on the Sentosa (resort island in Singapore) train and head to the beach. All was fine until we were merely steps away from the beach when it started pourrrrringggg. So so sad, we ended up retreating to Max Brenner to indulge in some Chocolate. It was so. worth. it. 

Chocolate, banana, marshmallow pizza. Butterscotch Shake. I die.

We went to the Vivo City outlet but they have a couple of other outlets on the island. Please go and eat chocolate :)

After we had shopped and ate our sadness away, we head to the new Hatched at Holland Village. I've heard so many people raveeee about this cute restaurant, all dishes centered around eggs. I was really excited to dig in.

Before I continue about how unsatisfied and dissappoited I was, can I just say that they serve Eggs Benedict with just ONE side of the English Muffin. Seriously? I'm pretty sure they come in a pair. 

Anyways, I ordered the Cowboy (burger with and egg) and my friend got the Smoked Royale (Salmon Eggs Benedict). Lets just say it wasn't horrible but, I definitely did not feel that I got my moneys worth. The portions were tiny and unimpressive. Why was this place on TLC again? As much as I regret my money spent there, I am willing to try it again because I understand that it was a new outlet. Maybe we ordered the wrong things? Must go to the original next time and it better be good. Besides the food, I loved the ambiance and decor. The lights, furniture and overall interior was interesting and calming with dimmed lighting. 

If you've ever been there, let me what you thought! If you haven't, no harm in trying?

Get more info @   

 HATCHED:    http://www.hatched.sg
MAX BRENNER:   http://www.maxbrenner.com/branches.html