Friday, February 25, 2011


Today, I discovered

This kid is so creative and his photos are amazing.His tumblr is filled with photos and various tricks he tries on photos and developing film. After scrolling through basically the whole blog...I just wanted to grab my new Minolta baby I got for christmas and clickclickclick! I still have half a roll left on it but hopefully I will have time this weekend to take baby Minolta out. AHHH too many projects due, including a sculpture due next week using either rope, crocheting or knitting. ah ah ah okay well 

here are some photos that I really enjoyed :) 

The next few are burned and look so cool .I love how he incooporated the burn marks into each photo. Definitely trying some burnin' and collage with my old photos!

I love this effect/trick. He boiled the film for two minutes and then developed them. It shows up as red streaks and dots on the developed photos and it just looks so cool! I've heard of other artists soaking the film but never boiling it. 

Check out his tumblr! :) 
and mine too hehe 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

power to the holga!

The weather is still painfully cold, meaning the worst for photo taking in my case. 
1. It makes me just want to curl up in my bed forever and hibernate
2. Exploring and snapping pictures isn't as fun when your fingers are frozen mmh :(

Anyways, here are some pictures of Chicago taken with my Holga from last semester! I love playing around with the double (and sometimes triple) exposure. Definitely a fun camera to just goof off and carry around with you. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011


first college.
 School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 
Kasimir Malevich, Red Square, 1915

That is my school's mascot. A red square. Haha well, not really...but it should be. Just because we're so consheptual.

So, second semester into SAIC what have I learned? That I haven't produced enough work to make my daddy proud. Sorry, Dad. This must change this semester! More paintings, more sketching, more workbooking, more sewing get the point. and hopefully it will be good enough for me to share it with on here! 

Here are my classes for the semester:
Figure drawing

Blue Sheet, Riva Lehrer

Overall a pretty interesting class, getting a lot of practice with the figure. She knows a lot about anatomy which is different from other figure drawing classes i've taken. Check out her work! 

Fiber and Material Studies
I was so excited for this class because textiles/fiber and material studies was what I originally came here to do. However, so far, it just feels like knitting club. Once we move in to surface design though...

Core Studio II
Its a continuing class from last semester; pretty relaxed. We are currently working on stop motion animation which is super fun! 

check out this awesome stop-motion video :)

Research Studio II: FunZone
Studio all about the ways and means of FUN. and of course, Serious Play. google it. Enough said. I am currently working on a proposal for an Artbash alternative space installation based on:

Artist: Ai Weiwei 

The more excited I get about the installation, the more i'm going to be sulking with Ben and Jerry's if I don't get picked. BAH! but I will post sketched of it soon! positive thinking.

FYS II: Writing for the School Newspaper
Never thought i'd be in this. At least i'm trying something new? 

Art History: Modernism, Postmodernism and Antimodernism
At least i'm paying attention in class...and not playing tetris. 

First post! 
and now goodnight, from my overpriced dorm room.

my life long goal is to be a hipster. harhar (no really.)