Monday, April 18, 2011

Setareh Mohtarez

I am in love!...with Setareh Mohtarez and her Brightness Dawn collection (from 2009). It is just absolutely stunning. The shapes, the structures, the colors and the PRINT. Oh, the print. Okay, well I admit using space imagery and stars was kind of (very) hipster of her but I mean, it is so beautiful, who even cares. AND the collection is so beautiful its almost so sad that the name Brightness Dawn reminds me of Twilight.

Anyways, the now NYC-based designer studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy and since the debut of her award-winning collection, started her Eponymous label. 

Her collection makes me want to go into fashion <-----> that much more. Truly an inspiration to how fashion and art mingle. So much respect right now.


Visit her website :)

Au Revoir!
Off to not sleep and be a normal art student...yezzz.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here's the stop motion video I did for Core Studio (yes, it deserves its very own post). The landscape is created using clothing and the other props are buttons! 

Enjoy :)

A Button Day from Addie Chong on Vimeo.


Hello all! 

It has definitely been a while since I've posted. I apologize to the very very few people that read my blog, but thanks for reading anyways :)...or skimming.

So, lets see, hell month is FINALLY over. Thank god! AND there is only 4 weeks left of school, yesyesyes. The opening for Artbash was yesterday and I am so glad I was able to do an installation...despite its horrible location at the end of the hallway. I didn't get to take pictures of it yet but once I do, I will post them! 

OSO, I got into the Fashion Department!Wheee, my life is over for the next 3 years. Despite the fact that my personal life will cease to exist and I will probably rarely eat a proper meal at home, I am nonetheless excited to be in the program! (hopefully I will lose some weight with the, too busy to eat and think thing). 

The last month of school should be alright, I hope. I'm still at the thinking stages of all my final projects so i'm not in panic mode...yet. It will soon come, soon. but till then, I shall blog about my life, sleep for 2/3's of a day and eat ice cream (don't judge, I deserve it after hell month).

 This month: 
1. PACKING! (I'm so bad at packing and spring cleaning it's not even funny; I am a hoarder4lyfe) 
2. Final projects!! For Core studio, we're making costumes for a parade. Totally random but hey, we're in art school!
3. INTERNSHIP: Mymymy, if I don't get an internship in Shanghai i'm gonna be one sad potato. I'm planning to email some fashion designers, PR houses for graphic design, galleries and this one company called Neocha. Check out their website (contemporary Chinese art just gets meh so happy) 
4. Vacation planning!!!

Okay picture sharing time. Just some stuff from the last month or so :)

Edited/new shots of my previous Fibers project

Rope we made in Fibers
(sorry for the poorly taken picture, I lost the drawing and this is the only one I have!)

Shots from Spring "Break" in ze Michigan suburbs

Cranbrook Academy


 More to come!

Zai Jian