Friday, February 25, 2011


Today, I discovered

This kid is so creative and his photos are amazing.His tumblr is filled with photos and various tricks he tries on photos and developing film. After scrolling through basically the whole blog...I just wanted to grab my new Minolta baby I got for christmas and clickclickclick! I still have half a roll left on it but hopefully I will have time this weekend to take baby Minolta out. AHHH too many projects due, including a sculpture due next week using either rope, crocheting or knitting. ah ah ah okay well 

here are some photos that I really enjoyed :) 

The next few are burned and look so cool .I love how he incooporated the burn marks into each photo. Definitely trying some burnin' and collage with my old photos!

I love this effect/trick. He boiled the film for two minutes and then developed them. It shows up as red streaks and dots on the developed photos and it just looks so cool! I've heard of other artists soaking the film but never boiling it. 

Check out his tumblr! :) 
and mine too hehe 

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