Monday, April 18, 2011

Setareh Mohtarez

I am in love!...with Setareh Mohtarez and her Brightness Dawn collection (from 2009). It is just absolutely stunning. The shapes, the structures, the colors and the PRINT. Oh, the print. Okay, well I admit using space imagery and stars was kind of (very) hipster of her but I mean, it is so beautiful, who even cares. AND the collection is so beautiful its almost so sad that the name Brightness Dawn reminds me of Twilight.

Anyways, the now NYC-based designer studied at the Antwerp Royal Academy and since the debut of her award-winning collection, started her Eponymous label. 

Her collection makes me want to go into fashion <-----> that much more. Truly an inspiration to how fashion and art mingle. So much respect right now.


Visit her website :)

Au Revoir!
Off to not sleep and be a normal art student...yezzz.  

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