Thursday, October 11, 2012

Year Three

Warning! Long wordy post.

I am currently sitting in my new apartment (yay, no more dorms!) contemplating what I should share about my return to school. It's the third year of college, third year of art school and the third year of Chicago. I am determined to find my artistic niche and I will not be unemployed when I graduate!!! As much as I would love to live in some European countryside, travel and make art all day and all night. Shit iz getting real.

Good news though! I have decided to stick with illustration and visual communication classes. I'm only taking two studios this semester, The Illustrated Poster and Natural History Illustration. I am actually really enjoying Natural History Illustration because all we do is draw and paint at the Field Museum and other locations like The Garfield Park Observatory or the zoo. We just finished off the plant sections and we're moving on my mammals next, wee! Illustrated Posters has been a lot of comic, story and figure work. It's been difficult adjusting from fashion illustration figures to real people proportions but I'm getting there! 

Other than school, I just finished reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower. Completely ignored my science homework but I was so hooked I finished in two evenings. Now I just need to convince one of my friends to watch the movie with me :) 

Now that I am back in Chicago and the warm weather has well, gone into hiding for the next 8 months, I will definitely be crawling back into my hermit shell. It is hibernation season. That is all. I will try and post more (I will really really try this time) but, probably less outdoorsy adventures and more lardy (hibernation) adventures.

But before I (really) go. I leave you (yes, you!) a quote from our dear friend Mr. Fitzgerald because well, he sums up why my companions for the winter months ahead will be my book list, amazon prime membership and Kindle. I'm trying to watch less tv and am canceling my Netflix account SOON. 

I am off to make dinosaur noises and decipher why people say "knock on wood" with my roommate. Goodbye. 

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