Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hello, World!!

It has been quite a while (as usual). I'm pretty sure that is how I start each blog post. Anyways, I also just realized that this is my first post of 2013!...and as a legal-drinker-of-alcohol in Americuh ;) 

Updates updates updates-

1. I finally got a new computer. WELL, initially I impulsively bought a Microsoft Surface Pro while in Seattle with my family. It...just kind of happened. I blame the really really cool ads on TV. Curse you, advertising power! 

Long story short, I bought it just for the instant gratification and the disdain for my horrible excuse for a Macbook. End of story, I used it for 2 weeks (shh), didn't like it and returned it. Then proceeded to buy a refurbished Macbook Pro. So YAY! Proper working computer now, so I really have no excuses for not posting more pictures. 

2. I finally turned 21. Being 21 has been somewhat bittersweet. Bitter because it's crazy to think about how fast time has flown by. I feel like I was the overly excited teenager moving to Chicago not so long ago, and now I'm 21 and it's my last year of school! Crazy. Sweet because well, I do not have to worry if my fake will be rejected anymore (woo hoo)! I guess I am also excited to move on with my life and start making da Ca$H. Start making something of my existence~ 

3. I got an internship at Bloomingdales with the visuals department! I was supposed to work there this summer but ran into some legal/registration? problems. So, after a month of calls, office visits and stress I decided to do it in the fall and take classes instead. 

4. I've been filling up my time with drawing, reading and just enjoying Chicago summer. I just started reading Lolita. It has been really good so far but, I have to be in the mood~ haha for such a dense book that I've been balancing it out by re-reading Eat, Pray, Love. 

Okay, enough yapping. Here are some photos from my family trip around Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Seattle.


Love, Addie

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