Friday, March 4, 2011

night lights

New photos, finally! 

Its been a busy busy week and its going to be an even busier month! I break down every time I make my daily to-do lists or check my calendar AHH. projects. essays. sunday make up classes (snow days) and most important of dept. interview/portfolio review. I have 4 weeks to prepare and make at least one more outfit or piece for my portfolio, including more illustration and fabric swatches. I will not panic. 

Anyways, my boyfriend visited last week and besides hermitting for 80% of the time we went to Navy Pier with some friends and rode the ferris wheel :)It was so deserted but the lights were just too pretty. Here are some photos I took with my Minolta XG-1 (the first 3 are edited)


The last two are from the Chinese New Year parade taken with my DSLR. Can it please stop snowing? thanks. 

aaand that is all for now. I'll upload some of my work from figure drawing soon! Next weeks class: body language. and and we're going to the museum of surgical science WOO I can not wait haha


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