Tuesday, March 8, 2011

to knit or not to knit

why hello!

I really need to post more. Anyways, my week/month is still jammmmm packed and I am still being very unproductive. Instead of doing my art history notes all sunday, I ended up watching Netflix and crocheting. So productive! 

I also discovered http://fyeahartstudentowl.tumblr.com which is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. A sarcastic smoking owl and art school jokes, genius.  

This is my favorite for today:  

BASICALLY, how i felt about my fibers sculpture and critique. Hell, I spend 20 hours on the sculpture and after listening to everyone else's critique while not trying not to pass out from lack of sleep and food...they critique the fucking foam board i brought it in on. THE FOAM BOARD. Not the actual sculpture, but the white foam board. Thanks. thanks a lot. I'm just gonna go kill myself now. and I couldn't even say anything because the rule was that the artist couldn't talk during the critique. ugh. Oh well at least its over. Here are some final/work in progress photos!

still crocheting stages

taping down and making shape with boxes and a jar. I covered it with Elmer's mixed with water so it hardened. Boy did that take long to dry, I had my hand glued to the hairdryer the whole night.

the aftermath..and my foot 

wooo its done!...how I brought it into class. The foam board -_-

Mad at the foam board and critique, I decided to display it hanging instead. I think it looks better on the wall!

mmm shadows! If i have time, i am definitely adding more pieces :)

Okay, off to finally do my art history notes then figure drawing class wooo! 


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