Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Le Return and...Marit Fujiwara

YES school has started. As much as I was loving summer, there was only so much I could do to keep myself entertained everyday. So, Chicago, round 2! 

Me the first two weeks: "I'm so bored already, psh I picked easy classes" 

Me last weekend+yesterday: "FUCK, I can't do this." 
^Referring to fashion and the three straight days I spent on my 100 over sketches,fabric manipulations and concept research for just Project 1. Thats...basically how I see all my weekends from now on, WHEEE. On a happier note, it's also been great getting back to sewing and sketching and artsy stuffs. I'm doing project 2 on John Lennon and the Vietnam War, I'll post stuff after the crit next Monday :)

Anyways, I also came across Marit Fujiwara's BEAUTIFULbeautifulbeauuutiful textiles today while looking for fabric manipulation techniques. Can I just say that her collection makes my stuffed and bleach dyed fabric look like...dung? 

Fujiwara is a recent grad of Chelsea College of Art and Design and her graduate collection "WOUND" is just stunning. Take a look! 

Check out more of her work on her Flickr here!

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