Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunflowers and Songs

Lets see, it's Friday night and what am I doing? Embroidering on chiffon and trying to create a sense of "nostalgia" with Fleet Foxes playing in the background. Fashion parttyyyyyyyyyyyyy! but its okay, I like embroidery and I like Fleet Foxes so no loss there. Liking the fashion program? gotta think about that for a bit first.

On another note, by-golly Rodarte Spring/Summer 2012. wow. okay, only partial wow. 
BEECUZ 1. Parts of it was inspired by Van Gogh so it had to be amazing and 2. sea foam blue/green and yellow are just sososo fabulous together.

As for the rest of the collection...i'm not such a big fan of the metallic purple and green together.

Here are some of my favorite pieces!

check out the whole show ^

and then my new songsession (songobession tehee)


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