Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flowers and Gardens

Hey all! 

Last Sunday my family and I went to the Singapore Garden Festival. Funny story actually, we had initially thought we bought tickets for Singapore's new attraction, Gardens by the Bay. However, the night before we found out it was actually just the Garden Festival. Despite the disappointment, it was still a pretty fun outing! :)  

The first floor was filled with amazing flower and landscaping displays (all real flowers btw). The second which was less exciting was just a marketplace with stalls for vendors from all over asia. I have never seen that many Orchids in my life, but I mean, they ARE Singapore's national flower so I didn't expect anything less...

Saved the best for last. Instead of the huge handful of photos I took of flowers (and my family), the last one is by far my favorite. Maybe its the luminescent blue tone but it is definitely the prints of both of their clothes! Excuse me sir, the print on your shirt is AH-MAZING (hopefully you've watched the show Happy Endings and get the vocab, I don't really speak like that :p). 

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