Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eating my way to Malaysia


So, you know how I was super excited to go buy Harry Potter and smell old books at the second hand bookstore after work yesterday? They were all closed... :( All the stores (with Indian owners) had closed early for fasting because of Hari Raya. Aiya, I guess I'll wait.

On the other hand! I started reading the Hobbit hehe during my trip to Malaysia last Saturday. It was just a day trip on a eating+shopping tour with my Auntie's colleagues. I ate so. much. The whole day was literally traveling on the bus, stopping at farms/factories and tasting/buying heaps of food. 

Lunch was only durian and fruit. That shit cray. 

This is my grandma on the bus :) 
Mushroom farm.
Durian buffet lunch!

View of Singapore from our seafood restaurant at the coast 

Have a happy day and enjoy some tunes! xx

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