Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The First 2012

So, it's been a long whileee mi friends. My last post was 2011 and now, it is already JULY 2012. I can not believe how fast time is moving nowadays. Please stop, time! 

Anyways, it was my birthday yesterday, woohoo. Well, not really, because turning 20 was definitely a reality smack in the face. Shits getting real, people. Oh and did I mention I was in Singapore?

Okay, updatesupdates. SINCE my last post, I have

1. decided to leave the fashion program (it was making my life utterly depressing, did I mention I broke down during a crit? yeah.)  and am moving towards illustration and visual communication.

2. moved out of the dorms and found an apartment with my lovely friend Erica. I can't wait to decorate! 

3. went to Vietnam and Cambodia with my family for 2 weeks

4. finally came back to Singapore and am now interning for Zen Wu Design (practicing dem illustrator/photoshop skillz) 

That seems like an adequate amount of updates for half a year, right?
 and back to my birthday! I went to dinner with two of my friends at PS Cafe on Dempsey Hill. It was beyond amazing, I will post pictures tonight.

For now here are some film photos from and Cambodia. The first half was taken in the countryside while we were on an ATV tour and then second half is Angkor Watt. Everything was so so beautiful, it was nice not to be trapped between tall buildings for a change. 

*Taken with my Minolta XG-1


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